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samurai_trooper's Journal

YST Manga
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This is a community for the Samurai Trooper manga scans (also known as Ronin Warriors). They will be untranslated until we can find a translator.

As of this moment the format will be:
All posts will have in the subject line what manga the scans are taken from, ex: Fresh-Packs Vol 1. (For the actual YST manga, it will simply say YST manga.)
Posts will contain tags with the name in it as well.
Posts will have at least one track in it, with more then one track if the track is to short, not to extend 20 pages (unless the track is longer then that).
Each entrée will have a zipped folder with the scans inside.
Scans may also appear in the entree depending upon how long the section is.

Should this ever become licensed in the US the YST manga will be taken down, we don't see that as happening any time soon.

YST Manga scans done with as little damage as possible to the manga. As a result of this some of the scans may appear blurry.

Fresh-Packs and other doujins scans are done for quality of image without worrying about the manga. These images may at times be clearer then the YST scans for this reason.

Note: The zip folders are only good for about 20 days (after the last download) if you need them re-uploaded ask and I'll try and get it up ASAP.

Requests: Please credit the scanner/this group if you use these scans for anything. Also if you could link back to this community it would be appreciated.

Posts allowed: Requests for Manga/Cd scans only please. There is another ST/RW community here called samuraironin, they're more what your looking for it your looking for people to read your fics and chatty stuff like that.

Translators wanted!
Contact me if your interested. (Samt03@yahoo.com)

Translator: celestialtiger